HCG Calendar


Month Date Special Interest Groups
Theme Where
March 4 (mon.) HPB The 8th workshop Wuxi, China
28 (Thr.) HPD The first workshop Keio University Mita Campus

17 (Fri.)

18 (Sat.)

MVE Media and realty for entertainment (co-hosted with IPSJ EC Special Interest Groups, supported by VR SIGAE) Osaka University Toyonaka Campus
25 (Sat.) VNV Analysis and utilization of worker's behavior and gaze information at text annotation National Institute of Informatics

30 (Thr.)

31 (Fri.)


Communication support and general human communication Okinawa Industry Support Center

13 (Thr.)

14 (Fri.)

WIT The 68th Well-being Information Technology workshop Niigata University Satellite Campus "Tokimeito"
14 (Fri.) HPD The 2nd workshop Tokyo Denki University Tokyo Senju Campus
17 (Mon.) HPB The 9th workshop "Trend of Human Probe in Big Data Age" Toyama Prefectural University

25 (Tue.)

26 (Wed.)

MVE Artificial Realty (co- hosted with VRSJ, HIS SIGVR and ITE-HI) The University of Tokyo Sanjo Conference Hall (Hongo Campus)

13 (Sat.)

14 (Sun.)

HIP Acknowledge of Real and Virtual space and human information processing Niigata University of International and Information Studies

17(Sat.) to

20 (Tue.)

CEA Summer camp debate session Hakodate Goryokaku Tower, Hakodateshi Josei Center

23  (Fri.)

24 (Sat.)


Communication and general (tentative),

The 39th VNV workshop

Ritsumeikan University Suzaku Campu

29 (Thu.)

30 (Fri.)

WIT The 69th Well-being Information Technology workshop Hokkaido University

4 (Wed.) to

6 (Fri.)

  The 12th Forum on Information Technology (FIT2013) Tottori University

26 (Thr.)

27 (Fri.)

MVE Mixed realty and virtual City (co-hosted with VRSJ SIGMR, VRSJ SIGCS and HIS SIGVR) Rishiricho "Donto"
13 (Fri.) CEA Data engineering and cooking and eating media (supported by IEICE DE) NII

12 (Thr.)

13 (Fri.)


Eye movement and perceptual information processing,

Visuoperceptual and its application


Universal Communication Labs.

October 21 (Mon.) CEA The 5th Int. Workshop on CEA Barcelona Spain
27 (Sun.) WIT The 70th Well-being Information Technology workshop Kirishima International Hotel
November 9 (Sat.) HCS Emotion and Communication Osaka University Toyonaka Campus

19 (Tue.)

20 (Wed.)

"Multimodal", "Emotional Information Processing", "Visuoperceptual and its application" Tohoku University
27 (Wed.) HPD The 3rd workshop Showa Women's University
December 12 (Thr.) WIT The 71st Well-being Information Technology workshop


Tokyo Waterfront

18 (Wed.) to

20 (Fri.)

HCG HCG symposium 2013 Matsuyama City


Month Period Special Interest Groups Theme Where

23 (Thu.)

24 (Fri.)

MVE "Recognition and understanding of Human body movement","Welfare and Coexistence" and International Conference Osaka University Toyonaka Campus
February (Dates not yet decided) HCS Communication psychology Kagoshima University

(Dates not yet decided)

HIP "Hand" TBD

6 (Thr.)

7 (Fri.)


"Quality of five senses media", "Communication Design", "Image Coding"

supported by IE/CQ/CM

Beppu International Convention Center
(Early part of the month) HCS HCS Workshop (Camp) Kanazawa

18 (Tue.) to

21 (Fri.)

IEICE General Conference 2014 Niigata University

7 (Fri.)

8 (Sat.)

WIT The 72nd Well-being Information Technology workshop Tsukuba University of Technology